Acondicionamiento del entorno de la Calle Tirso de Molina. Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia. 2009

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Promote: Ayuntamiento de las Torres de Cotillas. Murcia. España
Torres de Cotillas, Murcia.
Year: 2009
Surface: 4.838,29 m2.

The purpose of this project is to define, enable and assess the works necessary to carry out the “CONDITIONING OF THE ENVIRONMENT OF TIRSO DE MOLINA STREET”, in Las Torres de Cotillas. Murcia.

Some of the proposals:

Unify spaces, clearing transit areas, so that we can achieve a feeling of spaciousness in the public space, and at the same time combine different uses.
Respect and make the most of the existing vegetation, enhancing it, given its importance and size.
Create comfortable sitting areas, separated from the transit area, with shady and cool conditions, and directed towards the facilities, so that, for example, at specific times when the children leave school, they can wait for them comfortably, without interrupting pedestrian traffic.

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