Bullas Municipal Garden. Bullas. Murcia. 2004-10

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Project drafted in collaboration with José María Pérez Fernández.
Promoter: Bullas Town Council. Murcia. Spain.
Location: Bullas, Murcia, Spain
Year: 2004-2010
Surface area: 9.130 m2
First Prize in the Competition for the Remodelling and Extension of the Municipal Garden of Bullas awarded by the Citizens’ Council of Bullas. Murcia. Murcia. Spain. 2002
Competition for the Remodelling and Enlargement of the Municipal Garden of Bullas. Bullas Town Hall. Bullas. (Murcia). 2002
Catálogos de Arquitectura Magazine, Nº13. Pages 50-55. Official College of Architects of Murcia. COAMU.
Revista de Urbanismo y Medio Ambiente Equipamientos y Servicios Municipales, Nº 161. Pag. 20-26. October 2012.

The location of the Municipal Garden requires an urban response committed to the site.

The edges, uses, routes, existing vegetation and the building fabric that surrounds it are analysed, highlighting its proximity to the new municipal buildings through the new Plaza Pepe Marsilla.

The proposed actions respect as much as possible the main elements of the place, integrating the existing trees with the planned one so that from the first moment the necessary identification is produced.

The perimeter streets are treated in such a way that this space, empty of buildings but full of content, extends through the nucleus with a greater contribution to the denatured environment, causing a natural contagion effect in other nearby spaces.

A greater complexity is planned for the garden, providing it with commercial and recreational activities, incorporating public and social uses. The garden is structured taking into account the aforementioned objectives, and based on the following elements: green space, wet space, pedestrian space, equipped space, organised space and inherited space.

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