Competition Paseo Marítimo Fco. Mtnez. Muñoz y del Rihuete. Mazarrón. Murcia. 2008

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Organised by: Dirección Gral. del Puertos y Costas. Department of Tourism and Consumption. Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.
Location: Mazarrón, Murcia, Spain
Year: 2008
Surface area: 36.600 m2
Second Classified in the Competition for the Improvement of the Francisco Martínez Muñoz and Rihuete Promenades in Puerto de Mazarrón. Department of Tourism and Consumer Affairs. Mazarrón. Murcia. Murcia. Spain. 2008

The promenade under study is located in the municipality of Mazarrón, Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia. Its total length is 1,115 m.

The keys to enhancing this environment are:

To propose the promenade as an element of transition between the land and the beach or the sea.
Redefine the public space by creating a dynamic, habitable and sustainable space, which will constitute the city’s maritime façade.
To promote respect for the environment (walking, being and contemplating) and for the coastal landscape, away from the noise and fumes of automobile traffic.
Unify the elements that make up the space to give continuity to the Promenade, furniture, paving, etc.
Vegetation, which is of the utmost importance as the backbone of the project.
The use of water as a tool for thermal control and landscape creation.
Connecting the promenade with the beach and the urban fabric by means of ramps (facilitating accessibility) and highlighting the location of the accesses by means of visual references.
With regard to its linear organisation, offer continuity and variety, combining walking, social and leisure areas.
Provide focal spaces or visual references, highlighting perspectives of interest and viewpoints.
Impose restrictions on road traffic.
Implement efficient and sustainable facilities.
Incorporate adjoining areas of interest into the promenade, located in strategic positions that increase its cross-section and therefore offer unique water features.

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