Competition Remodelling of the Glorieta Juan Carlos I y entorno. Mula. Murcia. 2009

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Promote: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Mula. Murcia. España
Mula, Murcia, España.
Year: 2009
Surface: 3.900 m2
Mención en el Concurso de Ideas para la Remodelación de la Glorieta Juan Carlos I y entorno. Ayuntamiento de Mula. Murcia. España. 2009

The Glorieta is located in the historic centre of the town and is one of the largest and most emblematic public spaces in Mula.

The main objective of the proposal is to revitalise and intensify the use of this space, facilitate its accessibility and enhance the value of the unique buildings that surround it. The proposals are as follows:

Designing a continuous space delimited by the perimeter buildings.
Elimination of architectural barriers.
Propose a band of vegetation protection on the southern front at different levels:
Prismatic plant islands acting as bollards in front of the exit of the buildings on the south front.
Ecological strips with a varied topography, supporting shrub species.
A band of deciduous trees of great development with the aim of improving acoustic control, creating elements of shade, cooling the environment in summer and allowing the sun’s rays to enter in winter.
Projecting small green platforms close to the north front. Platforms that support shade elements (pergolas), made of solar protection glass, including photovoltaic panels.
Delimit the large pedestrian area into two large zones or environments:
A more protected area (play area for children and adults).
A multifunctional space, transformable according to the needs of the municipality, allowing it to be used for large-scale events such as concerts, theatrical performances, popular festivals, public events, etc., supported by a stage – a pavilion acting as a backdrop to the future municipal buildings and an umbraculum at the opposite end as a shaded area and a place to stay.

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