Concurso Centro de Investigación en Biociencias. Murcia. 2010

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Promote: Universidad de Murcia
Location: Murcia, España
Year: 2010
Surface: 8.792 m2

On a plot of land that is noticeably square in shape, we are planning a university complex that will house an administrative building, three blocks for research laboratories and two future buildings for research use.

Achieving the formal and architectural unity of the planned complex is one of the basic objectives of the proposal. To this end, several independent volumes with similar façade treatment are presented, linked by means of a pedestrian walkway that allows access to them. The courtyards generated will allow the entry of natural light and cross ventilation.

The project has been carried out seeking a modulation that allows the spaces to be adapted according to the different needs by means of mobile panels (it has an autonomous, modular, expandable and versatile operation). This modulation has been transferred to the structure of the buildings in such a way as to facilitate the subsequent extension of the complex.

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