Concurso Plan Director del entorno del río Segura. Beniel. Murcia. 2010

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Promote: Ayuntamiento de Beniel. Murcia. España.
Location: Beniel. Murcia. España.
Year: 2010
Surface: 216.676 m2.
Awards: Mención Especial en el Concurso Plan Director Estratégico de Intervención para la restauración del entorno del rio Segura a su paso por Beniel. Ayuntamiento de Beniel. Beniel. Murcia. 2010.
Exhibitions: Concurso para Plan Director Estratégico de Intervención para la restauración del entorno del rio Segura a su paso por Beniel. Centro Cultural Infanta Cristina. Ayuntamiento de Beniel. Beniel. Murcia. 2010.

The municipality of Beniel is located in the Vega Baja del Segura, in the heart of the Huerta de Murcia. After analysing the urban fabric of Beniel, we can see that the railway line to the south and the course of the Segura River to the north limit its growth and connections, both infrastructures being major barriers, conditioning the morphology of the town.

It is proposed:

A large open space and facilities area called the Parque de los Equipamientos (Facilities Park).
A large garden that will become a new area of urban centrality, called the Garden-Mirador.
Two longitudinal mixed-use blocks that will hide the backs of the existing buildings, becoming the new image of the urban area next to the river.
A path – walkway exclusively for pedestrian use along the banks of the Segura River.
Connectivity with the Municipal District of Murcia by means of footbridges – bridges along the river.
In the sectors of sectorised land for development, the possible location of land dedicated to open space and public use is indicated, as well as a perimeter road, which connects the different sectors to be developed. The neighbours occupying dwellings that must necessarily be demolished for the materialisation of the Plan will be located in this sector.
Replacement – demolition of those constructions that have been invading the Public Hydraulic Domain and prevent the materialisation of the Riverside Walk.
A cycle lane next to the promenade – path next to the Segura river.
Improve the connections of the municipality, so that they allow the municipality to turn towards the river, and the future growth of the city.
To balance the uses and endowments, solving the possible needs of Beniel in the course of time.
To increase the presence of trees in the urban environment, creating green corridors that eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere and achieve comfort in the public space, recovering the vegetation of the riverbed and banks of the Segura River.
Enhance and protect the landscape, creating an element that activates the economy of Beniel.

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