Maritime Promenade en La Manga del Mar Menor. Tramo V. San Javier. Murcia. 2005

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Promoter: Dirección Gral. de Ordenación del Territorio y Costas. Regional Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Planning. Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.
Location: La Manga del Mar Menor, T.M. San Javier, Murcia, Spain.
Year: 2005
Surface area: 7.017 m2
Award of the contract by open procedure by means of tender for a promenade in La Manga, Section V, Mediterranean Sea. T.M. of San Javier. Murcia. 2005
AM/PM. Architectures and processes Murcia. Official College of Architects of Murcia (COAMU). Murcia. 2009
Catálogos de Arquitectura Magazine, Nº18. Pages 152-157. COAMU. 2006
Revista de Urbanismo y Medio Ambiente Equipamientos y Servicios Municipales, Nº160. Pages 38-47. March. 2012
Urban Platform. March. 2012.

La Manga del Mar Menor, Region of Murcia, is a tongue of land 22 km long, bounded to the west by the Mar Menor, a large saltwater lake, and to the east by the Mediterranean Sea. Both seas are connected by three channels or “golas”. This ecosystem is a unique natural environment, protected both nationally and internationally.

The different sections of the Promenade follow the same fundamental design principles, thus guaranteeing its continuous character, but adapting to the richness of the site in each section.

The Promenade seeks to facilitate the integration of this natural environment with the existing urban fabric. Regenerating the edge space by creating a promenade space, a privileged place to contemplate the sea. It is a new public space that is fundamental in the urban structure given the overcrowding of the existing fabric.

As a project idea, the abstraction of the elements of the landscape has been sought as a guiding thread, recovering the image of the existing dunes and their movement to transfer them to the surface of the promenade.

Another characteristic of the promenade is its sustainable nature, which is why different Environmental Sustainability Indicators have been applied, obtaining the necessary values to guarantee it.

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