Remodelling of the N-340 as it passes through Totana. Totana. Murcia. 2004-09

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Project in collaboration with Pedro J. García Andreo_Escultor

Promoter: Totana Town Council. Murcia. Spain.
Location: Totana, Murcia, Spain
Year: 2004
Surface area: 20.567 m2
First Prize in the Integral Treatment Competition for the Conditioning, Remodelling and Reform of the N-340 Crossing as it passes through Totana, for its transformation into Juan Carlos I Avenue (Urban). Totana. Murcia. 2004.
Remodelling and Reformation of the N-340 as it passes through Totana. Totana City Council. Totana. Murcia. 2004.
XIV Architecture and Town Planning Awards of the Region of Murcia. Official College of Architects of Murcia (COAMU). Murcia. 2007.
AM-PM Architectures and Processes Murcia. Official College of Architects of Murcia (COAMU). Murcia. 2009.
Catalogue of Good Practices for Landscape in Periurban Areas and Third Edition of the Mediterranean Landscape Award 2011.
Regional Ministry of Public Works and Territorial Planning. Region of Murcia. Pages 156-157. 2011.
Revista de Urbanismo y Medio Ambiente Equipamientos y Servicios Municipales, Nº 161. Pages 56-63. October 2012.

The project consists of transforming the N-340 road through Totana into an urban crossing.

The main objectives are:

To organise traffic, seeking a balance between vehicles and pedestrians, solving existing accessibility problems.
To channel a sustainable urban development, enhancing the surrounding neighbourhoods.
To create a new characteristic landscape in the municipality, giving it a Mediterranean character, using street furniture, vegetation and water.
Through the use of Sustainability Indicators, to achieve habitability, the correct proportions of Road/Sidewalk plus a correct selection and location of both trees and different materials.
Use of vegetation as an element of protection against traffic, noise and sunlight.
Promote cycle lanes as an alternative means of transport to the car.

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