Residential Building. El Campillo. Murcia. 2006-09

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Location: El Campillo, El Esparragal, Murcia.
Year: 2006-2009
Surface area: 3.438 m2
XVI Architecture and Town Planning Awards of the Region of Murcia. Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Murcia (COAMU). Murcia. 2011

The project is located in the hamlet of El Campillo, some 6 km outside Murcia. The plot on which the building is located is trapezoidal in shape and has a surface area of 1,026 m2.

The planned block of flats is part of an urban development where another block of flats and a group of semi-detached houses are to be built. A total of 107 dwellings are planned.

Block of flats.

The planned block is made up of three parts articulated by means of vertical communication cores. Flexible housing typologies have been proposed that can be adapted to any family group. From 50 m2 flats to 90 m2 dwellings, making it possible to have a space suitable for work at home.

The pieces adapt to the alignments and the inflections are resolved by means of the communication cores that are projected on the façade, which allows the building front to be subdivided compositionally and break up the horizontality.

The pieces that make up the block revolve around a large interior open space (block courtyard). Bearing in mind that there are dwellings where the views are optimal, openings facing each other are planned in most of the dwellings in order to achieve more illuminated spaces, dwellings with cross ventilation where the bioclimatic behaviour has been taken into account to be the most optimal.

The damp cores have been grouped together in order to optimise the efficiency of the installations as well as to allow the maximum possible flexibility.

The roof is made up of concrete slabs with a variable curvature, which creates unique spaces in the attics.

Compositionally, duplex dwellings have been designed with the top floors set back, which favours the height-width relationship in the road section and forms a built front with the main body of 3 floors and the two-storey top floor with the top floor set back standing out.

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