Single-family house

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Project drafted in collaboration with Antonio López Sánchez

Location: La Cueva, Murcia, Spain
Year: 1995-2001
Surface area: 525 m2
XIII Architecture and Town Planning Awards of the Region of Murcia. Official College of Architects of Murcia (COAMU). Murcia. 2005
Catálogos de Arquitectura magazine, nº0, p. 44-47. COAMU.December 1996

The corner plot where the building was planned enjoys privileged views over Monteagudo Castle and the remains of the quarry of La Cueva (Murcia).

The programme required one dwelling per floor. In order to meet these circumstances, a combination was chosen between aspects of the tradition of the Mediterranean house, such as the entrance atrium, the interior street-passageway leading to the dwellings, the sloping roof, the interior courtyard, and the principles of the Modern Movement, such as a clear distribution in plan and section, simple and prismatic volumes, reinforced concrete structure, recovery of the roof…

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