Hybrid Technology Tower, 2012

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The project responds to the approach of an Energy Efficient building.

The tower is conceived as a building where different types of uses are combined, so that it can serve as a focal point for a large number of users. The programme is made up of uses that are perfectly compatible with each other. Flexibility is sought in the floor plan so that this programme does not become obsolete and can be adapted to different needs over time.

The foreseen uses are: Commercial, Multipurpose Rooms, Parking, Offices, Gymnasium, Spa – Spa, Discotheque and on the top floor a Revolving Restaurant, which qualifies the building turning it into a landmark that acts as an attraction to develop the rest of the activities.

There are currently around 100 revolving restaurants in the world. Studies in several hotel chains have shown that the turnover of a revolving restaurant represents an increase of 50% over a fixed restaurant of the same characteristics.

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