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Location: San José de la Vega. Murcia. España.
Year: 2010
Surface: 14.666 m2


With the design of these dwellings, the aim has been to investigate new typologies in order to achieve a new model of Flexible Building with the following characteristics:

To design a typology that allows the number of dwellings in the building to vary, modifying their sizes without affecting the total surface area. Thus adapting to the evolution of the market.
The building should be made up of Flexible Dwellings, easily modifiable to adapt to changes that occur over time.
Outdoor space should be incorporated into the dwellings. Each one will have its own terrace/garden, enhancing the indoor/outdoor connection.
Incorporate general common facilities that complement each of the dwellings.
Make the most of bioclimatic resources and energy efficiency to achieve maximum savings and efficiency and thus obtain a Sustainable Building.

The proposed strategies for action are:

Flexible modulation of the block cells, allowing their addition or fragmentation both throughout the work and the life of the building.
Achieve Versatility and Diversity, through the use of flexible installations (floor and technical walls), and a dry construction, so that each dwelling can be easily customised to suit each client.
Design spaces that can complement the daily needs of residential uses.
Application of bioclimatic resources:
Active: Solar and thermal energy, wind energy, underfloor heating as a cooling element, interior and exterior green façade, use of water as a cooling element (sheets of water to cool common spaces…).
Passive: Cross ventilation in all dwellings, natural lighting, use of orientation, correct arrangement of trees as an element of temperature control, protective measures such as balconies and louvres facing south and west, use of rainwater, use of the garden roof, maximum use of the surrounding conditions (shade from nearby buildings…). Use of “clean”, reusable, recyclable and renewable materials in order to optimise the use of natural resources.

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