Workers’ hostel. Mazarrón. Murcia. 1999-04

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Project drawn up in collaboration with Antonio Sánchez López
Location: Paraje del Pantano, Mazarrón, Murcia, Spain
Year: 1999-2004
Surface area: 1.328 m2
XIII Architecture and Town Planning Awards of the Region of Murcia. Official College of Architects of Murcia (COAMU). Murcia. 2005.
Architecture Catalogues, 2005, nº17, p. 152-157.

The basic idea that has guided the project is to offer users accommodation conditions that are different from the usual ones in existing hostels, resorting to a more careful gradation from the private to the public sphere.

The solution adopted consists of the development of:

A longitudinal body of two heights, formed by the grouping of seven rooms per floor, where the more private activity of residence is carried out.
A transversal body with different possible uses on each of the two floors that constitute it, where a more public leisure activity would be carried out and therefore a relationship between the immigrants residing in the hostel.
The relationship element between the two bodies is a corridor that in turn allows access to each of the different parts on the two existing levels.

The emphasis on the access, the slight angle formed by the corridor in front of the longitudinal block, the modulation of each one of the pieces, the unity of the eaves of the roof, the void in the corner of the multiuse box and the arrangement of the trees contribute to the richness and complexity of the whole, favouring the diversity of perspectives.

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