Religious Centre, Santomera (Murcia), 2018

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Location: Santomera (Murcia), España
Year: 2018
Surface: 900 m2

The promoter has been commissioned by the developer to draw up the project for a building to be used as a religious centre for the Islamic community of Santomera, where the activity related to religious worship is carried out on the ground floor, with the rest of the floors being used for other subsidiary uses.

The planned religious centre has a façade on two perpendicular streets, C/ Maestro Puig Valera, where the main entrance and a three-storey block are planned, and C/ Juan Murcia, where the secondary entrance is located in a three-storey block. The blocks that make up the Religious Centre are linked on the ground floor and communicated on the first floor by means of an accessible itinerary through the existing terrace between blocks.

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