Dental Clinic Orcajada, Murcia. 2000

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Location: Murcia, Spain
Year: 2000
Surface area: 174 m2

The project aims to respond to a spirit of commitment to innovation and modernity, from the transparency and clarity of the spaces, from the rationalisation of use and operation, from the treatment of the materials that must allow the definition of a corporate architectural image, in accordance with the work that is carried out in these premises.

The project consists of the adaptation of the existing ground floor of a residential building into a DENTAL CLINIC. These premises, on a corner, with an approximate surface area of 174 m2, rectangular in shape, have an appendix in the innermost and therefore less luminous part.

The solution must cater for a typical dental clinic programme with cabinets and the necessary complementary services such as: reception, administration, sterilisation room, laboratory, waiting room, etc.

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