Social Pavilion. Totana. Murcia. 2005-10

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Promoter: Totana Town Council. Murcia. Spain.
Location: Totana, Murcia, Spain
Year: 2005-2010
Surface area: 708 m2
XVI Architecture and Town Planning Awards of the Region of Murcia. Official College of Architects of Murcia (COAMU). Murcia. 2011.

The planned social pavilion is intended to be a facility that meets the needs of the owners of the new residential buildings planned in the La Báscula Partial Plan, Totana (Murcia), as well as those of the nearby neighbours.

Characteristic elements of the project: The Flexibility of the floor plan, as well as the Possibility of Growth are objectives that are always present in the conception of the project.


Bioclimatic Behaviour: Thanks to the back porch, the correct distribution of openings in the facades, the transparency and the shadows of some volumes on others, we achieve a good bioclimatic behaviour of the building.

Interior – Exterior connection: A point to highlight is the fluid interior-exterior connection. Not only from a physical point of view but also visually. On the other hand, depending on the climatic conditions, certain indoor activities can be transferred to the outside and vice versa.

Flexibility of Uses: Due to the proportions of the configured spaces, the open character of the rooms, the existence of movable partition panels, and the existing connections between them, a building is projected that adapts to different uses, both present and future.
The presence of movable partitions, allows the rooms to be subdivided according to activity and capacity.

Social cohesion: A large number of possible uses have been brought together in the same building. Therefore, this container could accommodate very different social and cultural groups of very different ages, thus promoting social cohesion in the municipality.

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