Concurso Plan Director Nuevos Parques Integrados de Alcantarilla. Alcantarilla. Murcia. 2008

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Pomote: Ayuntamiento de Alcantarilla. Murcia. España.
Alcantarilla. Murcia. España.
Year: 2008
Surface: 266.000 m2.


Intervención integrada por cinco áreas:

  • Museo de la huerta y aledaños: 30.000 m2
  • Parque ribera del río y paraje del agua salá: 200.000 m2
  • Área de conexión entre ribera del río y parque lineal
  • Parque lineal ribera del río.
  • Parque equipado de entrevías: 36.000 m2

Objectives of the action:

Use of water and traditional irrigation systems as the backbone of the project. Proposing the treatment of the river bank by means of large terraced areas, together with a water purification and reuse system, thus creating an attractive and comfortable environment.
Increasing the proportion of parks and gardens to produce a loosening of the urban fabric.
Improve mobility by reducing the number of cars through the use of park and ride facilities, pedestrianising a large part of the area and creating an effective cycle lane network that connects to both the city centre and Murcia.
Create comfortable and sustainable parks using native trees for shade and acoustic conditioning, organic pergolas with natural elements, plant islands and corridors, plant species with low water requirements, water purification and reuse, solar collection systems, materials with lower energy costs, organic vegetable gardens…
Increase the number of facilities by incorporating an eco-museum that includes the traditional irrigation system supported by Unesco and a Conference Centre. The orchard museum and the riverside park are configured as a place for learning and research.
The cultural aspect of the orchard museum and riverside areas is complemented by a sports circuit along the river which will provide residents with all kinds of sporting facilities.

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