Concurso Viviendas de Promoción Pública. Mazarrón. Murcia. 2008

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Promote: Instituto de Vivienda y Suelo de la Región de Murcia (IVS)
Location: Mazarrón, Murcia, España
Year: 2008
Surface: 2.787 m2
Segundo Premio en el Concurso mediante Anteproyecto, de los trabajos de asistencia técnica para la redacción de Proyecto Básico para la construcción de 18 Viviendas de Protección Pública. Mazarrón. Murcia.

The project is located in Mazarrón, a municipality in the Region of Murcia. On a rectangular plot surrounded by traffic on all four sides, bordering green areas on the south-east corner and plots for residential use on the north-west front. A complex of 20 semi-detached single-family houses is planned, seeking maximum integration into the surroundings and adaptation to the current conditions of the terrain.
Taking into account the Mediterranean climate and from a sustainable conception of housing, great importance has been given to the interior-exterior relationship and especially to the intermediate spaces (terraces, pergolas, etc.), with cross ventilation and vegetation being the generating elements of the project.

A fragmented façade has been designed with inward and outward projections to achieve outdoor spaces protected from the sun, increasing the shaded area, supported by horizontal covering elements such as plant pergolas.

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