Competition Edificio para Centro Polivalente y entorno natural del Cerro del Castillo. Yecla. Murcia. 2009

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Promote: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Yecla. Murcia. España
Yecla, Murcia, España
Year: 2009
Building:     1.440 m2
Urbanisation: 151.100 m2
Mención Especial en el Concurso de ideas para las Actuaciones 1 y 2 del Plan Yecla Valora, edificio para Centro Polivalente y puesta en valor del entorno natural de la ladera Sur del Cerro del Castillo
Concurso para Centro Polivalente y puesta en valor del entorno natural de la ladera Sur del Cerro del Castillo. Ayuntamiento de Yecla. Murcia. 2009
Catálogo de Buenas Prácticas para el Paisaje en Áreas Periurbanas y Tercera Edición del Premio Mediterráneo del Paisaje 2011.

This competition has two distinct parts, on the one hand the design of a multi-purpose centre for multiple uses and on the other the different proposals for the enhancement of the southern slope of the Cerro del Castillo in Yecla.

Our proposal brought together the two objectives, considering the building as a great gateway to the natural landscape.

Another of the highlights is the creation of a flexible design, so that the building could be used partially and easily adapted to the future needs of the municipality.

The design of the new facility incorporates in its architecture, sustainability and energy saving criteria which allow the new centre to considerably reduce its energy demand and, at the same time, take advantage of natural resources, by means of the following strategies:

Adaptation to the topography
The correct orientation of the building
The use of natural light (courtyards)
The use of green roofs that increase thermal inertia.
Natural cross ventilation.
The use of deciduous vegetation as a shading element.

To increase the relationship between the building and the park we propose a coordinated action strategy. Part of the courses or workshops start in the building and will use the park as a classroom.

We also propose a system of Connection Nodes with the City, through the proposed signage and links from the website of the multipurpose building to the website of the city council.
We will increase citizen participation in the proposed activities.

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