Public Housing Competition. Totana. Murcia. 2007

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Announces: Promoción del Suelo Industrial y Vivienda de Totana, S.A. (PROINVITOSA)
Location: Totana. Murcia. Spain
Year: 2007
Surface area: 18.427 m2
2nd Classified in the Competition for technical assistance for the drafting and management of housing projects, premises, where appropriate and annexes in the plots P-1, P-2 and P-3 resulting from the reparcelling of the sector “El Cabecico”. Modification nº34 of the NN.SS. of Totana, Murcia.

The fundamental objective of the proposal is to achieve Sustainable Buildings and for this we design:

A building that adapts to the topographical and natural conditions of the terrain, seeking maximum integration into the landscape.
Green” solutions both in the formal configuration of the buildings and in the rational design of their installations.
Cross-ventilated dwellings with a building depth of around 12 m. in order to optimise natural lighting.
The fifth façade, resolved by means of a landscaped roof, notably improving the thermal inertia of the roof slab, as well as the permeability index of the surroundings.
Grouped wet areas (kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and toilets) in order to rationalise the layout of the installations.
Solar energy collection through solar panels located on the roof of the building for the production of domestic hot water (DHW).
Selective collection and storage of rainwater for irrigation of landscaped areas and washing down of private open spaces.
Low consumption lifts.

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